The Stars of the Stage Tribute Show will be touring across the U.S. with shows starting in the middle to end of January 2011. Our ideal venue will consist of VFW, American Legion and AmVet halls in Florida and Arizona to begin with.

At each of our venues we will be featuring approximately 10-12 sponsors from the local community on a banner (such as the one in the photo below) that will be displayed prominently throughout our show. There is also an option to have the business also listed with our show program on an insert that will list all participating sponsors. This sponsorship program really gives local businesses a chance to support a very enjoyable and special music tribute show.

In addition to the venue advertising, we also feature a rotating sponsorship ad slot on our website at a reasonable rate. Each business's ad will display for 12 seconds and continue to rotate with our other featured sponsors. We would also include a link to the business's website as an affiliate, in return for a link on their business website to our website.

If you would like to be a sponsor at a venue or on our website - please click on the box below which will take you to our contact form.

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